09 December 2005

via CNN

Anti-creationism prof quits department chair

To summarize my opinions on the subject, Dr. Mirecki (the prof in question) is right. From my own experience, many of the politically-active fundamentalists (many of them are not politically active, and many are very nice people) tend to be thin-skinned, schadenfreude-ridden advocates of political violence. Dr. Mirecki may very well be biased, unprofessional, etc, etc, but he happens to be correct, and the way in which he was beaten by two men on the side of a road because of this incident on Monday serves almost as an archetypical example of the way in which (actual) conservatives resort to force when argument is exhausted, when they are shown to be incorrect or offended/insulted in some way.

06 December 2005

“Peace and Freedom” The Inaugural Post

The title of this blog, “Pax et Libertas,” is not a random pairing of two unconnected words. Peace cannot, has not, and never will exist without freedom. Without recognition by each of the rights of all to dispose of their lives and property in ways of their own choosing, what exists is nothing more than carefully-hidden oppression and a lack of open conflict. This is not peace. At the very least, it is not peace in any meaningful sense of the word. Freedom cannot exist without peace because there can be no freedom, no security, no recognition of rights in an atmosphere of terror, whether this terror is the terror of the State directed at helpless civilians, the terror used by a mugger against his victim, or the terror that results from a system of patriarchy which functions to ensure that, even now, rape is still extremely common. At the bottom, all of these things have the same root: the idea of violence. This idea must be destroyed. Only then does some possibility exist that the bulkof the earth's population will be able to live a life worth living for a human being.

It is my hope that this will serve as some small contribution to that larger effort.