05 January 2012

on discerning the status quo

Though not giving undue credence to the upcoming presidential election, the ongoing media charade surrounding this national-political sock puppet theater serve as a prime and contemporary example of a rather frightening truth, about which we will say little.
The concision of mainstream media narrative on current events give America more concern for fictitious Iranian nuclear weapons than mass killings of civilians in various nations throughout the planet, from Bahrain to Colombia. Unfortunately ignorant Americans cannot concern themselves with how long it may take before the Mexican Drug War's incredible collateral damage spills onto US streets?
Perhaps self-titled patriots shall rest proudly with troops being stationed in Australia to promote our influence in that region. Surely the Chinese or Russians fear little in this move. Upon whom does the US expect to impose it's influence?
Why don't American citizens concern themselves more with what we might say is actually going on than what we are told goes on. As though local tv-personalities reported on crimes for which the evidence neither existed nor was requested, we accept a just-so story on the status quo that can render any attempt to discern reality coherently futile.