19 June 2008

Time to bring this back

Well, I haven't posted here in nearly two years. I suppose it's time to bring this blog back.

To that end, from Salon.com:

Targeting Steny Hoyer for his contempt for the rule of law

I'm not going to summarize the article - it's there to be read. But I will say this: things like this are why I don't trust the Democratic party any more than I trust the Republican party. The vast majority of their rhetoric against the war, against the police state, against Bush is just that - rhetoric.
From the very beginning of the War [of] Terror, they've consistently voted for these utterly evil plans, and then mildly criticized them at election time.
When elections come, voters, who are smart enough to know that they're getting it good and hard from the GOP, turn to the Democrats in hopes of reversing that, only to be met with Clintron's criticism that the War in Iraq was "mismanaged" (I was unaware that there is a right way to manage an endeavor which has been more deadly to Iraqis than anything since Timurlane , and, really, far more deadly to Iraqis than was the Unspeakably Evil Worstest Dictator Ever, Saddam Hussein. And that's not to mention the million and a half Iraqis dead from starvation or disease imposed by the sanctions. They were, after all, "worth it.")