07 April 2006

Getting Your Hands Dirty / Roderick's Wish Is My Command

I once knew a person, whom I won't name here. As far as I could tell, she was more concerned with animal rights, veganism, and dumpster diving than she was about the war. And she had the chutzpah to call herself a "radical" and to condemn other people for not being radical enough.
Phoney radicals, who would be many or most of them, honestly, tend towards things like these because they aren't thereby committed to any real course of political action. It's why every liberation struggle in every farflung country attracts massive attention, while there's no real, organized movement in this country to take on police brutality or educate prospective jurors about nullification. It's because saying "Yay Evo Morales!" allows one to be Fashionably Radical while not getting one's hands dirty, while mass organization of people here at home who aren't Starbucks baristas requires actual work and just isn't nearly as hip.

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