18 February 2013

wealth sinhole

this image from keiser report:

I've long heard there was data suggesting this, and in my personal experience it has been the case. This geometric expansion rests upon linearly rewarded effort.
Ethics aside,distance between the two eventually leads to violence and unrest of various manners. Is anyone more familiar upon the topic? Would like to see both the data collected and the methodology guiding the research.

  • in which  [ongoing and recent] foreign conflicts does class war as opposed to politiacal war motivate physical war?
  • this wealth trend, is alarming, what exacerbates it? 
  • do government regulators arm-twist businesses in to shitting where they eat or does the notion of there being a free-market in the United States smell of said turds?
  • where do we go from here?
Help me expand this with some good ideas but also data or history.

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